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Surrounding Area
Situated on the avenue that flanks the old city wall perimeter, and within easy reach of all the most charming spots in Ciutadella.

Historic centre

Do not take a specific route, just lose yourself wandering at random through Ciutadella’s beautiful web of old Moorish and medieval streets which house the historic quarter and shops. Do not forget to look up as well, so that you do not miss any of the lovely details of the buildings, including the cathedral, churches and monuments that you come across. Check out the buzz of the market, the charming plazas and bars, and get a feel for the tranquil life led by the city’s inhabitants.

Must do’s

Do not leave Menorca without enjoying a walk on the famous bridle path Camí de Cavalls, which goes right round the coastline. Visit magical places like the ancient S’Hostal quarry. Discover our extraordinary prehistoric heritage. Check out the lighthouses and infinite blue sea. Sample the finest cuisine and find out about all our local crafts …knowing that you can always come back to the island and enjoy more new experiences.

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